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Are Your Records Current?

By Scott Ritter

Over the past year or so, Tower Seekers has been working with a local fire department in Arizona providing a lease review and site audit. As with many organizations, many staff members have come and gone during the ten years the lease has been in effect. During the process of the lease review, it was clear that the fire department did not have a copy of all of the lease documents pertaining to their agreement with the tenants and subtenants. Tower Seekers was able to establish and maintain contact with the tenant and subsequently gather all of the appropriate documentation to help our client have a clear picture of who is utilizing their property. In addition to gathering current records, Tower Seekers conducted a thorough site audit to confirm if the tenants were in compliance with the lease agreement.

This is a perfect example of the type of work Tower Seekers can do for clients. We know what to look for during a lease review and site audit to ensure that the tenants utilizing your property are complying with the contract they signed. If you know of any friends or local churches, HOA’s, small businesses, etc. who have cell towers, we would love it if you would let them know there is someone out there who is dedicated to representing and helping landlords. 

With a combined 20 years in the industry, Tower Seekers has the expertise to meet all of your needs related to cell tower leases, buyouts, renewals, etc. We recommend a yearly lease review and site audit to ensure tenants are in compliance.