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Cell Tower Ministry

Tower Seekers' Cell Tower Ministry

Since 2006, Tower Seekers has ministered to church and non-profit cell site landlords.  It has offered advice, counsel, protection and advocacy to help bring fairness and justice to cell site leasing.  Property owners are at a significiant disadvantage when negotiating with some of the largest coroporations on Earth.  Tower Seekers ministry is about doing our Father's business zealously and ethically.  

As a Christian, attorney, and real estate broker, I was called to this ministry.  God blessed me with talents and skills uniquely suited to educating and protecting his people.  He expects me to bring the truth to those I minister and to my opponents.  Tower Seekers team members must also be held to the highest standards.  After all, we are all subjects of God's Kingdom.

Our cell tower ministry is carried out each day by counseling clients about how cell tower leases are created and managed.  We pray with church pastors and leaders seeking God's wisdom and direction as important decisions are made.  We step into the ring to fight for fair lease terms including rent, termination rights, and indemnity protection.  When the cellular or tower company tenants fail to hold up their end of the bargain, we stand with our clients seeking justice but we also bring solutions.

After almost a decade of service, we know cell site leasing is about much more than money.  While the main focus seems to stay on this, we remember that the money itself says "In God We Trust."  We know from experience that factors such as risk, hidden costs, and committment play large roles as church landlords consider a cell tower lease.  

It has been a privilege and a blessing to serve the Lord through this cell tower ministry. We will continue to answer His call.


Mike Ritter

March 2015