Five Way Towers Seekers Can Help BEFORE You Get A Lease Offer

Preparation.  The key to success in any endeavor is preparation.  In the case of cell site leasing, few property owners approached for a cell site lease are prepared for the role of cell site landlord. Tower Seekers' goal is to prepare property owners for this unique and sometimes challenging job. We know that an educated and informed prospective cell site landlord maximizes the benefits while minimizing the drawbacks.  A prepared landlord is a successful landlord.

Property owners may rightfully ask. "Why do we need Tower Seekers before we start the process of the cell site lease?"  Here are five reasons:

1. Understand the process.  Knowing what to expect brings value and gives the landlord an advantage.  There will be no surprises.

2. Evaluate your property.  Getting a solid understanding of your negotiating position can only come from a reliable evaluation of your property.  Reliable information can only be obtained by an on-site evaluation. 

3. Trusted resource.  Who can you trust for help with a cell site lease?  The tenant's representative?  Your business attorney?  Yourself?  Tower Seekers can be trusted to provide reliable and accurante help.

4.  Advocacy.  When the time comes to negotiate, there is no better advocate.  Our credentials and experience are unmatched.  Because we know you and your property, we hit the ground running when a lease offer comes.

5.  Competitve Advantage.  With preparation, you have the advantage over other nearby properties and the tenant.  You know what you need to know before you need it.  

Tower Seekers will help prepare you to handle a cell site lease opportunity.  With preparation, you will succeed.