Md7 Now Working On Nextel Decommissions

Tower Seekers has learned that Md7, LLC has been contracted by Sprint to administer the next phase of the Nextel decommissions.  Letters are being sent to landlords outlining an offer that includes leaving the Nextel site in place except for radios, hardward, generators and hazardous materials.  This sounds much like the previous Nextel decommission project involving Sprint's former contractor, Black Dot Wireless.  The one difference is that lease termination notices are not sent prior to receipt of the Md7 letters.  Either way, landlords must exercise caution in evaluating the risks of leaving an obsolete cell site on their property.

Since Sprint announced its decommission project last year, Tower Seekers has worked with several Californa landlords to help them understand their options.  In some cases, we have negotiated favorable terms as part of a settlement with Sprint. The key to a successful outcome for any landlords faced with lease termination and site decommission is understanding the facts.  Sprint's goal is to reduce the cost of shutting down the Nextel sites and eliminate liability.  

Tower Seekers represents California cell site landlords exclusively. For the past nine years, we have been a strong advocate for landlords rights.  We offer a free lease review and site audit so every landlord knows the facts.  Contact us at 877-897-0646 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange your free lease review and site audit.