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News And Trends For Cell Site Landlords


news and trends for cell site landlords

Cell Site Lease Renewals - A Huge Wave of Opportunity Forms
If your cell site lease was originally signed prior to 1994, it is likely that the lease term will be expiring in the next few years.  Many leases signed during this period had maximum automatic term renewal of 20 or 25 years requiring their renewal or extension prior to expiration.  Since it takes many months and sometimes years to deploy new sites, tenants must take action years before the term expiration to sign a renewal with the landord.  If they are unsuccessful in renewing, a new site must be chosen to replace the lost lease.  read more
Tangible Benefits of a Cell Site Lease Review and Site Audit
The average cell site landord is a wise, hard-working American focused on the things most important to him or her: family, career/business, leisure, and, of course success.  When it comes to the details of the landlord's cell site lease and the goings on at the cell site, the average cell site landlord assumes everything is fine. While this may be true the saavy landlord knows its true. read more
A landlord asks: "My cell company tenant changed their site but claims it is maintenance. Do I need a lawyer?"
Many sites are undergoing upgrades and landlords are receiving notices that a maintenance project will take place.  In some cases, the tenant seeks the landlord's permission but in others changes are made to the site without the landlord's knowledge. Read your lease to fully understand your rights and the tenant's responsibilities.  Request details of the project from your tenant and do not sign anything until you are sure everything is legal.  If you are not sure, get some advice. If a dispute arises, seek legal counsel from an attorney specializing in cell site leasing
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