Nextel Sites Still Being Decommissioned

Sprint continues to send letters to Nextel landlords with notice of lease termination.  Md7 continues to contact landlords with a proposal to sign an early termination and general release.  We have encouraged landlords to carefully review their specific situation and seek assistance before signing documents presented by Md7.

The latest round of letters makes December 31, 2014 the termination date for the lease.  Md7 then steps in attempting to pursuade the landlord to alter the original terms of the lease allowing Sprint to walk away from the site.  Neither Sprint nor Md7 has visited the site to know its particular configuration or impact on the property.  They use a shotgun approached hoping to be relieved of responsibilty for removing the site and restoring the landlord's property to the original condition.

The best way to understand how to respond is by getting a lease review and site audit.  Please call or email us to schedule an appointment.