Tangible Benefits of a Cell Site Lease Review and Site Audit

The average cell site landord is a wise, hard-working American focused on the things most important to him or her: family, career/business, leisure, and, of course success.  When it comes to the details of the landlord's cell site lease and the goings on at the cell site, the average cell site landlord assumes everything is fine. While this may be true the saavy landlord knows its true.  How? The landlord has recently reviewed the lease and audited the site.

Today, more than ever before, cell site landlords are getting calls, letters and emails pertaining to their lease and/or site.  They are being asked to consider proposals for new leases, lease extensions, site maintenance/modification and lease buyouts, just to name a few.  The assumption on the part of those submitting such proposals is the landlord is the aforementioned average cell site landlord.  Why this assumption?  Well, it is true.  Combined with typically smoothe talking salespeople, the average cell site landlords ignorace produces bad results.  How do we know?  Well, we have seen enough leases and sites first hand to confirm this fact.

A cell site lease review and site audit establishes a baseline.  It shows the landlords a current snapshot of the lease in the context of an ever-changing wireless world.  It documents the details of the lease and site as of a specific date which may have been decades following the orginal lease.  A lease valuation will provide useful information about the market value of the lease and its desirability to potential buyers.  In short, following a lease review and site audit, the landlord will know exactly where he or she stands.

Tangible benefits coming from the lease review and site audit may include rent increases, cash compensation, termination fees, larger and more frequent rent escalations, more control over site modifications, and higher sale value.  There's never been a more important time to know the answer to the question...

What's in your lease?