You Might Need Tower Seekers If....

1. You just got a call or letter saying your property is being considered as a cell tower site.  This usually means you are one of several potential candidates.  Knowing where you are in the rankings is critical.  Understanding who your competition is must also be determined.  Tower Seekers will do the diligence to assess your position and bargaining power.

2. You have a representative show up at the site saying they are doing some modifications to the site.  Any site modification must be reviewed and compared with the original lease.  Many modifications require advance, written approval from the landlord.  Some are so extensive they actually change the configuration of the site and should trigger a lease amendment.  Lease amendments can be great opportunities to revise lease terms making them more favorable to the landlord.  Tower Seekers has worked with many landlords to assess modifications and handle lease amendment negotiations.

3. You get a letter from a company you don't recognize introducing themselves as your tenant.  Leases are changing hands faster than ever before.  Keeping track of your tenant can be a challenge.  Introductory letters may seem harmless but some seek your signature of approval and actually change the terms of the lease.  Tower Seekers will read and decipher any letters you get from unfamiliar companies.  You will know exactly where you stand before signing anything.

4. You have lease offer and are thinking you can handle it yourself.  Vendors representing the cell companies tend to characterize every cell site project as routine.  "This is the standard lease agreement" they say.  They imply that the process of becoming a cell site landlords is simple, quick and straight forward.  To them, this may be true.  To the typical cell site landlord (especially churches), the saga is full of twists and turns, questions, delays, and complexity.  Keep in mind the tenant has a large team of experts handling each aspect of the process.  Tower Seekers will be your advocate to help you make informed decisions and seek fairness during the entire transaction.

5.  You are thinking about a lease buyout.  The most important question to ask first is "why am I selling now?"  Then ask "what am I selling."  Tower Seekers can work with you to help answer these questions.  If you decide a buyout is right for you, we will represent you and attempt to get the best terms and conditions available.  The buyout landscape has changed and become more complex. Buyout company reps will sometimes lead you to believe they are working for you.  Be inquisitve. As questions.  Pricing and terms are more seller favorable than ever.  Tower Seekers knows how to accomplish your goals.  

6. You don't have the time or patience to deal with this.  Becoming a cell site landlord is time consuming.  Meetings, phone calls, emails and more meeting are required to get a cell site deployed.  Many of our client chose Tower Seekers mainly for our ability to handle the day-to-day aspects and tee up the decisions for the landlord.  Along the way, we are a strong advocate for the landlord.

7.  You have no clue what's in your lease or what's going on at your site.  Tower Seekers will do a free lease review and site audit so you will know exactly where you stand.  We almost always finds opportunities to bring benefit to the landlord.  Remember, we said free. 

We will talk to you via phone or email for free to understand your needs.  Please call 877-897-0646 ext 501 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.